The Samsung B3410 Offers Impressive Technology

The Samsung B3410 is really a lately released handset that provides a veritable feast of technology and functionality encased inside a superbly crafted and styled casing. Utilising some of the most popular features provided in current handsets that are offered around the cell phone market, this phone amalgamates a multitude of features right into a unit, which unquestionably will prove popular.

The handset has a 2.6 inch TFT touchscreen, with a pixel screen resolution of 240 x 320 pixels and displays as much as 16 million colours as well as their variations. For this reason large number of colour options, images displayed on screen are vivid and what is termed in keeping with existence colour reproduced. Certainly one of the many benefits of this handset is always that it provides a Texting keyboard, that slides from behind the screen and has the capacity to be applied to a panoramic mode.

A Couple megapixel camera will get the kodak playtouch camcorder, which operates in a pixel resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels. It is really an ideal snapshot camera, that will take effective imagery to become shown on the colorful screen, however users might find images grainy when printed. Your camera offers the opportunity to record and playback of video at QVGA quality and also at 13 fps.

The handset posseses an MP3/MP4 player, that will play nearly all video and audio file types that are offered presently. Additionally a stereo Radio with RDS is supplied as well as enables FM recording to become transported on the system. Radio stations provides an alternative choice to downloaded music files and the opportunity to pay attention to broadcasts from regional and national r / c. The handset includes 30 MB memory, although this is often expanded substantially as much as 8 GB by utilizing the integrated sd card slot.

GPRS, EDGE, bluetooth and USB are incorporated within the connectivity package supplied with this phone. This gives the means to connect with a number of devices and systems in addition to perform numerous tasks for example file discussing effortlessly.

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