What Can Go Wrong When You or Someone Else Drives Your Car Cross Country?

It was probably a mechanic, valet, or auto detailer that drove it for a short time when you did let somebody unknown behind the wheel. Most individuals are fiercely protective of their vehicles, whether it is a favorite make and model or just something they have spent lots of money on, and only hand over the keys when they have no other choice.

When you are planning to move to a different city or state do you know what could go wrong when driving your car cross country or if you let someone drive it? Therefore, it will always be better to seek the services of Ship a Car, Inc. who is a well-experienced car shipping company and can safely transport your car to your new destination.

Following are a few issues that one may face if you or someone else is driving your car instead of not taking the services of any car transport company.

  • Vehicle may get stolen

How do you know the person you have given permission to drive won’t disappear? Also, there is a chance that the driver won’t be as cautious on the road, and your automobile may get stolen. 

  • Vehicle may get damaged

The road is always a hazardous environment. Accidents happen to even the most experienced, cautious, or protective drivers. It is unavoidable that it will sometimes get completely out of the driver’s control.

  • Unnecessary wear and tear

When you hire a driver for a lengthy trip, they will almost always claim to be a safe and responsible driver. You have no notion if they are slamming on the brakes, pounding on the gas, or putting stress on the transmission unless you are in the cabin with them.

  • Few hidden costs to bear

When you hire a car driving service, you must pay for gas as well as the driver’s time. You may have to pay for food and lodging along the road in some situations. If the journey goes longer than expected or unforeseen charges/issues develop, there may be hidden costs.

  • Disputes

Between the times you give over your vehicle and until it is picked up, a lot may go wrong. It might not be in the same condition as you anticipated. It may arrive later than expected, or the driver may demand additional payment due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • Consider the mileage

When deciding whether to drive or ship your car across the nation, one of the first things you will want to consider is the distance.

  • Consider road hazards

While you drive your vehicle across the country, you are endangering yourself and your vehicle. Road construction, multi-car pileups, harsh weather, oil spills, flat tires, and a slew of other travel issues are all possibilities.

  • Waste of time

In case, you decide to drive all by yourself, and then you will end up on the road for a couple of days and may extend even for a week too. It is a sheer waste of your time.

Looking at all the above, shipping your car can always be the smartest option rather than driving yourself or by another driver.


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