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QuickWash is a smart, peak-adjustable wash basin that may be assigned off the wall. It means that you may decrease the sink and circulate it out from the wall, growing the legroom below it. This is a massive benefit for wheelchair customers who frequently want to attain the faucet due to the fact they can’t get near the washbasin.

The corporation grants the available wash basin preassembled, and because it no longer requires electricity, you may have it up and jogging very quickly. The cost-powerful sink fits the wishes of each status and seated customers and is an ideal suit for small toilets in personal houses and assisted dwelling facilities.

QuickWash makes washing palms clean for wheelchair customers

Wheelchair customers frequently war with a loss of legroom underneath a washbasin, making it hard for them to get near the sink. The QuickWash washbasin solves this problem, and at the same time, it fits status customers properly due to the fact it’s far peak-adjustable.

But bathroom storage online is a completely user-pleasant washbasin, and the available length makes it perfect for limited areas and smaller toilets, which aren’t designed for human beings with impairments.

Flexible in peak and movement

The sink can assignment off the wall and decrease itself 14 cm (5.5”) from its constant factor and circulate 10 cm (4”) out from the wall. This will increase the distance below the sink from fifty three cm (21″) to sixty three cm (25”) and offer wheelchair customers extra of the much-wanted legroom.

You modify the peak of the washbasin with the discharge taken care of at the aspect of the sink. It calls for minimum effort, and still, the washbasin has an extensive peak adjustment variety permitting each status and seated customers cushty use of the sink.


Quick and clean to install

We supply QuickWash pre-assembled as an all-in-one unit, and also you no longer want any extra components to finish the mounting of the sink. Also, it no longer requires electricity, so that you may have it up and jogging with minimal hassle. This makes it a cost-powerful method to permit human beings with disabilities to stay as independently as possible.

Simple, tasteful and sturdy design

The washbasin is designed with simplicity in mind. It has an elegant, easy appearance at the same time as all capabilities are designed mainly for human beings with unique wishes. It has a handy length, and it’s far an ideal suit for small toilets that ought to meet unique necessities to offer extra freedom and independence for the customers.

Like all different ROPOX products, QuickWash has been examined and authorized to all applicable ISO standards. This is your assurance that the washbasin is long lasting and dependable for years on end.

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