Helping Others With Cuisinart Food Processors

I am a volunteer coordinator at my local soup kitchen, which can be quite a challenging profession. It’s hard to find volunteers, especially during a global pandemic, that are willing to help feed the homeless. It’s an understandable concern when you’re trying to avoid exposure to a potentially deadly virus, and you have no idea if anyone around you in these situations has been exposed to it. 

This usually leaves me filling in for a lot of the volunteer work, which takes away from my time trying to recruit volunteers. It’s a vicious cycle. But I tend to wear many hats there, and if it helps the overall goal of helping people, then it’s ok with me. 

I have a hand in helping plan the menus of the food that we’ll serve. We hold a bi-weekly committee meeting to work on this specific project. We plan two weeks of menus at a time. We plan based on the previous number of attendees, if there are any holidays or themes in those two weeks, and what is the most cost effective.

In one of those meetings several months ago, it was unanimous that the food was just not up to par. It was cheap and boring. It wasn’t as though the people we were serving were fussy; they were appreciative of whatever was put on their tray. But we wanted to try to give them something they could also enjoy. We wanted the food to not just be about sustenance, but something that could be comforting to them as well. Chances are that comfort is fleeting to our area’s homeless, so if we can give them even a small piece of that, we’ll at least give it a go.

We started raising awareness about our intention and the community responded back warmly. We raised money with car washes and asked for fresh donations when we were two days out from having a day that we were serving in the soup kitchen. We raised enough money to buy the most important thing on my list: 3 Cuisinart food processors. We got some other gadgets to help us in the kitchen as well, like new pots and pans and some knives. 

Someone came by to donate a Cuisinart food processor, as she had just received a larger model as a wedding gift. It turned out it was missing a few parts but as soon as we had those it would be as good as new. I went to the KitchenWorksInc. website where they sell authentic Cuisinart dfp 14 parts. I went ahead and ordered the grating blade and another chopping blade. 

We were able to do some research on simple, inexpensive food, but also comfort foods and things that were nutritious. With the initiative that we started, I managed to recruit some new volunteers through it all. Once we were more visible to the community by partnering up, things started to really fall into place. 

The response from the people we were serving was amazing. They were so thankful for the experience of the food. It reminded us why we do what we do.

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