Ultimately, much of the dial branding was ultimately taken control of by Rolex, where the watch manufacturer stamped the dials with Tiffany logo designs at its manufacturing facility in Geneva, Switzerland.

For a number of years, Tiffany-branded Rolex watches could be sent to either business for maintenance, as well as repairs, yet in the early 1990s, Rolex decided to quit providing co-branded watches, as well as would no more honor service warranties if the dial stampings had been done at a Tiffany & Co. place.

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Because of this, Tiffany & Co. quit selling Rolex watches, as well as the two businesses parted ways completely.

It is important to note that Tiffany was by no implies the only merchant that had its name on Rolex dials. Other noteworthy Rolex seller co-branded dials include the following:

  • Rolex Cartier Dials
  • Rolex Bucherer Dials
  • Rolex Serpico Y Laino Dials
  • Rolex Joyeria Riviera Dials
  • Rolex VC&A Dials
  • Rolex Linz Dials

The problem with Tiffany dials

Given that both Rolex, as well as Tiffany & Co., were printing dials with the Tiffany name, a selection of inconsistencies can be discovered among Tiffany-branded dials, as well as information can differ relying on when the dial was created and which firm did the printing.

To make complex matters better, because Tiffany & Co. did not have a single place in which every one of the dial printings was done, a greater variety of incongruousness exists among the various Tiffany & Co. dials out there today.

As a result, appropriately authenticating a genuine instance can be an uphill struggle.

Due to the disjointed dial printing process and also the resulting inconsistencies between dials, Rolex Tiffany dials are several of the most counterfeited dials in the vintage watch globe.

Tiffany & Co. printed its name on watches from numerous various producers, and since fonts, spacing, colors, as well as even the location differ from one dial to the other, identifying a phony Tiffany dial requires a keen eye as well as a suitable understanding of vintage watches.

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