Beautiful Foil Graduation Announcements You’ll Love

Graduation marks a massive accomplishment in life. If you’re graduating from high-school/university this year, congratulations. But, this achievement is not 100% of your making. Your parents, family members, friends, teachers, and others who were on this journey also deserve equal credit. Why not include them in your grand graduation celebrations this year? You can celebrate this momentous educational achievement with them by sending them well-designed graduation announcements and invites. Most graduates send these announcements and invitation cards to their loved ones right around the time of their graduation. Want to make your graduation announcement and invitation cards stand out? Here’s how you can do it.

Foil Graduation Announcement and Invitation Cards

Foil graduation invitations and announcements come with extra sparkle. Unlike regular cards, foil cards are shiny and extremely eye-catching. Top sellers of graduation invitation and announcement cards apply shiny and eye-catching foil material onto their cards. They apply the foil with pressure and heat to ensure they remain embossed on the paper stock. The foil ink dries quickly. Once it’s dry, it exhibits its reflective properties. Place your foil graduation invitation or announcement under the light and watch it shine. Students can choose between different types of foil ink. Gold foil, silver foil, red foil, and glittery gold foil are some of the most common options.

Make Your Foil Graduation Invites and Announcements Stand Out

Well-designed foil graduation announcements always look good. But, students can make their foil cards even better looking by picking the right color themes. Pick foil colors and styles that suit the existing colors and designs of your graduation announcement and invitation cards. Find a card seller who offers users total customization control. Then, customize your graduation announcement and invitation cards by selecting unique color and foil combinations. For instance, light blue-colored announcements and invitation cards always look great with glittery silver foil.

Plan, Design, and Order in Advance

Students have to meet strict deadlines when custom-creating and ordering their graduation announcement and invitation cards. They must start this process several months before their graduation date. Cards with foil designs typically look better when they have rounded corners or curved frames. Customize the shape, design, colors, and foil styles of your graduation announcement and invitation cards. Order the products two months before your graduation date. Buy custom-designed envelopes that suit your cards’ styles and designs. Order, receive, and send the cards to celebrate your big day with class and sophistication!

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